27 People On The Most Important Lesson They Learned While Traveling


Thought Catalog

We all learn lessons while traveling, some more lasting than others, but all worth sharing. So I decided to ask around, and here are the 27 most fascinating and important lessons from the people I spoke to.

1. Caitlin, 28

The biggest lesson I learned from travel is that the things that seem scariest are always the most important to make yourself do. It was rough to leave what had been a very comfortable existence for the first 19 years of my life to live far away from home with a bunch of strangers, but I grew so much and all those strangers are now a network of close friends I have scattered across the country. It’s easy to tell yourself “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but it’s another thing to live it, to do something so actively uncomfortable knowing that in a short time it’s going to…

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